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Hardware Design Ltd

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Your ideas, our engineering

HWD believes that every technical problem has an individually approached solution. Therefore, we offer you a full custom design.

- Share with us your electronics device idea
or the technical problem you need to solve
- Provide us with a list of features
- Keep track of the full process
- Receive your unique product

Our devices are coming with innovative machine learning technique that based on past experience can adapt to changes and match the design specification of your system.

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3D Printer

Materialise your imagination

The new member in the HWD family of products features great precision, reliability and rigidity, all wrapped in a modern and stylish design.

- Multiple materials
- 0.1mm accuracy
- User friendly interface
- LED indication and lights

HWD understands that every customer has its own taste, so we present to you the self-defined design option. Configure your 3D-printer here.

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About us

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The company’s main sector is the Research and Development of PCB based electronic apparatuses. Over the years we have worked with a vast amount of companies for which we have created a big variety of digital, analogue and mixed signal devices. We believe that the customer should be entitled with the ability to participate effectively in the development cycle of his unique product. Our clients list the device characteristics that they require, then we discuss with them the possible improvements, define the size and agree on the time for the completion of the order.

Hardware Design builds and maintains a network of automatic weather stations throughout Bulgaria for the purposes of the National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology and the Energy System Operator.

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